Case study

CSR Approach- ethnographic research

Context : A large food company removes plastic from packaging .

We test the new cardboard packaging, 100% recyclable in 24 homes in real life.
Our research shows the positive environmental value of the new packaging to consumers... but the brand must go further!


The new 100% recyclable packaging is converted into zero waste solution. The solution has a strong positive impact for the brand, and allows the consumer to reduce his bins without any effort!

Ethnographic sensory research for Innovation platform

Kids chilled dairy market has been in decline for several years in France, Italy and the UK.

Ethnographic and sensory research to detect consumer insights and provide innovation platforms from a broader perspective:

11 concepts developed and tested

7 new products designed for the target markets

4 new products developed for the market, to be launched

Research conducted in France, Italy and UK

Retail - Virtual reality ethnographic research

Context : A shop must be re designed.

The agency designs a new store, which is modeled in virtual reality. Consumer tests in VR reveal the entire customer experience (incorporating eye tracking) in order to optimize it - including the relationship with the salesperson.


11 months later the store is optimized and ready to be rolled-out all over the world

Frozen Pizza - Ethnographic sensory research


Original product preferred by 30% of consumers vs 70% for leading competitor before sensory research


Sensory research identifies and ranks key drivers, leading to a new recipe


5 months later, the new pizza recipe is preferred by 82% of consumers