Consumers Insights

We are both the reflection of our environment and deeply individual beings with unique values, sensory perceptions and desires. Immersive in-depth interviews within consumption situations allow us to uncover relevant insights for innovation platforms.

Each brief demands its own approach … but we believe that focus beats quantity. That’s why we often work on small samples (12 people within a profile) and focus on quality and depth of analysis in pure qualitative style!


Our usual formats are sensory qualitative research(exploratory, renewal or innovation), focus groupsin-home ethnography, quanti-qual, in-store testing and immersive workshops.


Depending on your needs, we will deploy the most suitable tools : face to face interviews - individual, pairs or mini-groups in facilities, at home or in-situ ; qualitative groups; online qualitative dedicated platforms, with photo or video self-reporting; films; virtual reality physical space testing... and even surveys with Charlie, our dedicated chatbot !
However, we must confess our penchant for traditional in-depth face-to-face interviews, the source of so much more than the words spoken. 


Easy, straightforward, iterative, it is an intuitive way for the consumer to communicate on social media or on messaging platforms.

The consumption diary collects a wealth of data… over time!