Who are we ?

Caroline Reumaux Riveau applies her scientific training as a biologist to sensory research. A director of research for 25 years, she has been leading Resolvadis since 2008. She is keen to combine (very) different skills and approaches within the team. She believes that the complementarity of people and backgrounds ensures that unique, diverse and complex request are handled in the most comprehensive and relevant manner. 

Sarah Hirschmuller


A graduate of the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure  Sarah applies her analytical power to a forward-looking approach

Florence Mourey


A psychologist  and an ergonomist, Florence specialises in modelling behaviours and analysing the handling of products



Magali Bragard

An ethnologist and a film director, Magali sees what others don’t notice.

Nina Testu


An anthropologist of consumption,  Nina

observes, analyses and moderates creative workshops

Stéphane Legouffe


AFullstack JS,

developer, Stéphane is our IT specialist(web research, connected objects, chatbots)

Séverine Enjolras


A Sociologist of visual ethnography, Séverinespecialises in innovation through use